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MBean description:

Management Bean.

List of MBean attributes:

Name Type Access Value Description
SysLocation java.lang.String RW MBean Attribute.
SysServices int R 64 MBean Attribute.
SnmpAgent javax.management.ObjectName RW View MBean MBean Attribute.
StateString java.lang.String R Started MBean Attribute.
State int R 3 MBean Attribute.
SysObjectId org.opennms.protocols.snmp.SnmpObjectId R . MBean Attribute.
SysName java.lang.String RW MBean Attribute.
SysContact java.lang.String RW MBean Attribute.
Name java.lang.String R MIB2SystemGroupService MBean Attribute.
SysUpTime long R 59435608 MBean Attribute.
SysDescr java.lang.String RW MBean Attribute.

List of MBean operations:

void start()

MBean Operation.

void jbossInternalLifecycle()

MBean Operation.

Param ParamType ParamValue ParamDescription
p1 java.lang.String (no description)

void destroy()

MBean Operation.

void create()

MBean Operation.

void stop()

MBean Operation.